Monday, March 8, 2010

Monday Mingle

This week I am taking part in the Monday Mingle Vlog series with Jennifer of
Jennifer hosts the Mingle every Monday and asks people 3 questions to answer on video.  My responses are below!


Mevolving said...

Hi Amy I'm Amy too :D Thanks for doing your mingle today!

Laminated chore charts sounds like an awesome idea and a great way to keep things in order.

I was in Brownies too and totally didn't last very long at all. Thing mints aren't boring! You can get them from Walmart you know, they make generic ones for about $2.50, I discovered them a few weeks ago and they are SO GOOD!

I'm not a camping fan at all, we used to camp a lot as kids. I definitely thing that it's a lot more fun as kids than it is as adults. Port-A-Johns freak me out completely which is part of why I'm not a camper :D I'd only "camp" in a luxurious RV haha.

Thank you for mingling this week Amy it was great to meet you!

KarieK said...

WOO HOO on your first mingle! Momma you are too generous on the allowance and woo hoo on losing allowance. Nice work!

HA HA I totally love your answer woman we are one in the same "Brownie Dropouts Rule!"

I hope you mingle more with us you are a natural lady! Okay adding you to my reader fo sho! xoxo Have a SUPER week.


Jennifer-Eighty MPH Mom said...

Hello - I am so happy you mingled!

I like your chore charts - it sounds like you have a good system going there!

Your hubby sounds like mine - he cannot walk past Girl Scouts/cookies without buying about 6 boxes.

I think if I were to go camping again, a Winnebago would be the way to go. The tent thing just isn't for me LOL.

You are too funny - about them going to the restroom...all...night...long!

Thank you so much for mingling, it is nice to "meet" you! I hope you will come back again!

Rose @ NetWorkingWitches said...

Congrats on your first mingle!
And I LOVE camping, but no matter what I do, will NOT use a portajohn. No freaking way. I'll pee behind one before I go IN one. So ummm, don't around back. ;)

NetWorkingWitches said...

I was just watching your mingle. I love it. Love how real and down to earth with it.

We're in cookie hell at the moment. We're gonna have to get our butts moving and sort and deliver very soon.

Nice camping story. I would like to camp more with our family but we got water logged last time. We have a tent.

I loved your MINGLE! Wtg!

Tammi @ My Organized Chaos said...

Hi Amy!
Chore charts area good idea, I had wanted to start that once the girls are older and all able to help.
The cookies are kinda hard to find here, but I think that's a good thing - I could get addicted!
Oh, when I was little I camped with friends too, more often than these days.

Thanks for mingling with us, It's fun!
And, nice to *meet* you!!!

Have a great week, Tammi